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About us

MyVocal was founded by a visionary scientist and his students. We all believe that the true value of AI technology lies in its ability to enhance the way we work and live. As such, our dream is to transform AI from a hot topic within niche circles into a powerful tool accessible to everyone, becoming an integral part of every household and a driving force in the development of every community. We are dedicated to creating valuable, user-friendly products and technologies that genuinely make life more convenient for people.

With the rise of cutting-edge technologies such as GPT and large models, we witness the emergence of new AI companies nearly every day, injecting fresh vitality and momentum into the field. However, despite such advancements, the penetration of AI technology into everyday life and work of individuals is far less widespread than we might imagine. In the United States, for example, less than 3% of users, according to incomplete statistics, have truly attempted to apply AI technology in their daily work and life to gain practical convenience.

We firmly believe that with the collective efforts of us all, everyone can experience the charm of artificial intelligence technology, making life smarter, more efficient, and warmer due to AI. This is not just our vision but also our commitment to the future.

Our aim is to position AI as an indispensable instrument for elevating everyday living and propelling business advancement.

In 2024, we are expanding our technological frontiers with the introduction of two new groundbreaking features: the Babel Fish, an advanced AI-driven simultaneous interpretation tool, and Mind Uploading, a cutting-edge service that enables the digital preservation of cognitive patterns and memories.

Voice CloneBabel FishMind Uploading
Voice CloneBabel FishMind Uploading

Community Although we are a small team, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We will diligently follow up on all customer inquiries to ensure satisfaction and support.

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