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Subscription Policy of MyVocal AI Service

Subscription Policy of MyVocal AI

Last Updated: 5/14/2024

Subscription Plans

After registration, your account starts with the free plan. You can choose to subscribe to a paid plan with additional benefits as outlined on our pricing page.

Benefits and Usage

When subscribing to a paid plan, your benefits are updated immediately. At each new subscription period, benefits reset and do not carry over from the previous period.

Any additional benefits purchased (e.g. extra voice credits) will only be consumed after the core subscription benefits are exhausted.

If downgrading to a lower or free plan, your additional benefits will be frozen until you re-subscribe. You can also initiate a prorated refund for unused additional benefits.

Plan Changes

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan through your account portal. When upgrading mid-period, we'll calculate a prorated charge based on your remaining period. When downgrading, you may receive a prorated credit towards future payments.

Your benefits will take effect immediately after a plan change. Any usage during the current period will be recorded and carried over until that period ends.

Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel an active paid subscription through your account, with benefits continuing until the current period ends.

If a scheduled payment fails, we'll attempt to retry for up to 7 days before canceling your subscription. After cancellation, custom features exceeding free plan limits may be removed.

For pricing plan refunds, you can contact our support team stating your reason. For additional paid benefits, you can request a prorated refund through your payment history based on remaining usage.

Contact Us

Contact or our customer service channels for any subscription inquiries.


We may modify this Subscription Policy at our discretion by posting the updated version on our website.

The key changes reflect ProVis becoming the new service operator, while aligning the overall subscription management practices with our policies. Please let me know if any other revisions are needed.